AD Exchange System

ADBERT develops an powerful AD Exchange system which includes SSP and DSP.
It is faultless and accurate due to the automated calibration generated by statistical engineering.
It shall enable our advertisers to improve their online ad management and integration.

Report:imagined real-time dashboard

Cross device (PC/Mobile) and cross OS (Android/iOS)

Multi AD formats to support:Text / Graph / Film / Html5 / VAST

Interface inventory to publishers

Frequency setting:the frequency can be set based upon daily views or clicks so as to enlarge the media coverage
Ad priority: the priority and volume can be set for advertisers to determine the ad allocation
Competitions exclusion: Competitions exclusion for the same on-air period
Report: imagined real-time dashboard
Interface inventory to publishers
Advertisers can book the ad inventory and implement it with preferred schedule
Tag can be applied for all ad spaces to ensure AD delivery accuracy

Incentive management:
the functions bridged to agency management system is reserved so that the agency incentive calculation and allocation can be implemented

Credit management:
receivables and payables can be listed and managed

Authority management:
the authority can be classified by the responsibilities assigned so that the management process can be improved by the certification mechanism

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